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The World Before is fallen, torn apart by an apocalypse so extreme that reality itself was shredded and warped in its wake. 

Your ancestors survived thanks to a combination of luck, preparation and grit, and now the time has come to leave their shelters and start rebuilding the world. 

You soon find the wasteland has other inhabitants: families with different perspectives on the world, secretive factions with the own agendas, and bizarre monsters stalking the wasteland. 

As generations pass and your family makes sweeping changes to the world, what stories will you tell?

The first edition of Legacy: Life Among the Ruins was one of the first wave of Apocalypse World-inspired games, bringing a grander scale to the post-apocalyptic genre. Three years down the line, we're making a second edition that brings together all the great things from the first edition and makes the changes needed for the game to be the best it can be.

With your help, I hope to fund a beautiful print run of the game to end up in your hands and in shops worldwide. I also hope to fund some cool extras: Legacy-themed dice, upgrades to make the book even nicer, dry-erase playbook handouts, alternate takes on Legacy from other writers, and more!


Legacy's a game about what comes after the apocalypse. You'll explore a strange new world, find new ways to survive, and rebuild over generations. Think the grand scope of Civilisation, Birthright or Reign, matched with the post-apocalyptic stylings of Gamma World, Horizon: Zero Dawn or Hyper Light Drifter.

Each player controls a family of survivors. The group you control has weathered the chaos and come out the other side changed by the experience. Maybe they've found religion, like the Servants of the One True Faith? Maybe they held on to the technology of the World Before, like the Enclave of Forgotten Lore? Or perhaps they were never human but must live among them in the wasteland now, like the Stranded Starfarers

Your family will be your constant as your group tells a century-spanning saga of exploration, conflict and evolution. When your family acts together, you trigger special moves that work through the consequences of conducting diplomacy, claiming a resource by force, using subterfuge or many other approaches.

Legacy is episodic. Each age of history, you focus on a particular character from your family. The character playbook you pick gives you a particular skillset and role within the family, but it also gives you a new perspective on the family: a diplomatic Envoy will present a very different side to the Tyrant Kings than a militaristic Sentinel.

A saga across generations. Once you're done telling the story of a particular age, you move the clock on. You go as far forward as the group likes: a decade, a generation, maybe even a century. Over the time skip your family can experience great fortunes or suffer trials, the world can change dramatically, and new threats and opportunities can emerge from the wasteland. Once you've set up your new age you make new characters, able to call on the powers of their ancestors.

If you'd like to take a closer look at the game, I've put together a quickstart. This document gives you a jumping-on point for Legacy, letting you try out the core game rules and pre-generated player options before breaking open the full suite of options available in the main book.


In Titanomachy, the players are survivors living among the ruins of a colony devastated when colossal titans surged out of the planet's jungle and tore apart their space elevator and advanced infrastructure. Generations down the line, the titan Gigas has just fallen after a monumental battle that devastated your families. Now you know the titans can be stopped, but your families are weaker than ever. How will you build a world where you're safe?

Putting the map centre stage. Your choices in making your family say a lot about the sort of world you live in, and you can use the data your family gains to add new resources and features to the map. 

Character roles. Each character will fit somewhere in the family's hierarchy - as a Leader, an Agent, a Rebel or an Outsider. Your choice of role affects your relationship with your family and lets you declare facts about your current mission, the state of your family, or the wider world. By changing roles you learn more, unlocking new moves or advancing your stats.

Updated Basic Moves. The core rules of Legacy have been tightened up to be clearer and better drive play. Where it makes sense they've been merged or rewritten, to cut down the amount players have to remember during play. Gear has been made more dependent on the family's resources: as the family grows richer, you'll have more tools to use.

Quick Characters. These simpler playbooks let you build a character for a scene or to round out an expedition so that you're never left out of the story. Each family has their own Quick Character playbook, letting other players jump in to show a new side of your family. 

Every Playbook updated. Each playbook published over the first edition of Legacy is in here, all rewritten and updated to fit the new system. 


All backers get access to the current draft of the book, with a basic layout.

Check the stretch goals for upgrades we're hoping to make over the course of the campaign!

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins Second Edition is planned as a full-colour hardback book. It's US Royal Sized (156mm x 234 mm) with a sewn spine and a ribbon bookmark. It weighs in at about 300 pages, and it's packed with gorgeous art. 

Hardcover mockup
Hardcover mockup


Hardcover mockup 2
Hardcover mockup 2

Deluxe Edition

Deluxe Edition mockup
Deluxe Edition mockup

The deluxe edition of Legacy is bound in faux leather and embossed in gold with the game's logo and its name on the spine, and comes in a full-colour, durable slipcase.

Backers at the Elder, Loremaster and Shiny and Chrome levels can raise their pledge by £10 to upgrade to the Deluxe edition.

Backers at the Survivor, Tyrant and Titan levels are upgraded to the Deluxe edition for free.


International shipping can be a real headache, especially for smaller publishers. To help mitigate some of that, I'm not charging shipping fees now but instead will charge them after the campaign using Pledge Manager when I'm ready to ship and know exactly how much it'll cost.


For estimates of what it's likely to cost after the campaign, see this diagram:


I'll keep you updated as shipping cost estimates change based on the scale of the eventual fulfilment effort.

Coupon Code 

Backers at the £15 level get a coupon they can use to get £10/$13 off the book once it's released, bringing the cost down from its £30 RRP to £20/$26+shipping. This will get you the same book as everyone who backs this campaign at the Elder tier and up, bought from the Modiphius webstore.

I'm James Iles, lead designer on Legacy and head of UFO Press. I've been designing and publishing role-playing games, board games and LARPS for pretty much all my adult life, and really enjoy making storytelling games that people from all backgrounds can enjoy. Lending invaluable support is my wife Liz Iles, my co-designer on What Ho, World! and Wizards Aren't Gentlemen.

I'm joined on this project by Douglas Santana Mota. Douglas' passion for Legacy lead to him emailing me out of the blue with a pitch that eventually turned into Legacy: Mirrors in the Ruins. Since then he's been a constant source of inspiration and sounding board for ideas, and I'm very glad to have him on board for this second edition.

The book will be edited by Rebecca Curran, who comes with glowing reviews from other writers

Book layout is by Oli Jeffrey. I was very impressed with his work on the Gauntlet Codex and The Veil's Glitch City quickstart; check out his initial layout for family and character playbooks below, plus the book's first chapter.

Character playbook: The Elder
Character playbook: The Elder


Family Playbook: The Enclave (front)
Family Playbook: The Enclave (front)


Family Playbook: The Enclave (reverse)
Family Playbook: The Enclave (reverse)

Art is by Tithi Luadthong and Jeff Brown. Tithi's painterly, impressionistic style perfectly gets across the weird and techno-magical feel I wanted for Legacy, and Jeff's landscapes are awe-inspiring.

I'm getting help with shipping and subsequent distribution to shops from the folks at Modiphius. They have a lot of experience shipping crowdfunding projects all across the world, and I'm confident their help will make this project a success.

 We've been recording a playtest campaign - if you'd like to get a sense of how Legacy feels in play, check it out!




 Generation Ship from Aaron Griffin has your families waking up half way through a thousand year journey. Now you need to find a way to live on a ship that wasn't intended to support long-term habitation, keep it running, and try to make sure future generations reach the promised land at the end of your journey.

If we hit this level, every book will be upgraded to hardcover, complete with ribbon bookmark! 


 Free From the Yoke by Fyodor Kasatkin is a fantasy hack of Legacy inspired by the Medieval Rus, with a dash of Game of Thrones. An occupying force has recently withdrawn from the Homeland causing a power vacuum, with one family - the Arbiter - holding the lion's share of authority. This hack brings inter-house intrigue, ancient magic, and new lands waiting to be explored outside your borders.



Book mockup
Book mockup

 If we hit £16,000, every backer at the Elder tier and up will have the option of raising their pledge by £10 to get the deluxe edition of Legacy 2nd Edtion. This version is bound in faux leather, gold foil-stamped and presented in a durable, full-colour slipcase.


In Primal Pathways by Laurence Phillips, players are guardian spirits, each pushing a clade of species down a different path. You start with the beginnings of complex multicellular life and gradually evolve your chosen species to the heights of civilisation. As you explore and reshape your ecosystem you'll compete with the other guardian spirits for resources and advantageous traits, claiming them as yours to adapt your species to better exploit niches in the environment. 

At £22,000 the folks at Tabletop Audio will make three ambient looping tracks you can play in the background of your sessions to set the scene. There'll be one for each of the modes of play: Ruins will express a feeling of empty cities, howling winds, and crumbling buildings, Echoes will suggest ancient technology and weird hypertech, and Mirrors will give you hints of swarms of mutated and alien creatures lurking just out of sight!

At £24,000 we'll make lists of weird devices to find in the wasteland, settlements your characters can encounter, and strange hazards that can menace them. Roll randomly to get some inspiration, pick and choose whatever takes your fancy, or use them as a jumping-off point to build your own ideas.

If we hit £25,000 we'll unlock the print version of Generation Ship. You'll be able to raise your pledge to get a physical softcover copy of Aaron's sci-fi hack of Legacy, printed at the same time as the main Legacy print run. 

This is a big one: at £28,000 I'll commission 10 more pieces of art from Tithi Luadthong. You'll be able to raise your pledge to get an artbook of Tithi's work, printed on high-quality art paper!

If we hit £30,000 we'll unlock the print vesion of Free From the Yoke. You'll be able to raise your pledge to get a physical softcover copy of Fyodor's fantasy hack of Legacy, printed at the same time as the main Legacy print run.

More settings and book upgrades to come!

 Pledging isn't the only way you can help this project grow. Help spread the word and we'll unlock all sorts of extras - wallpapers, an interactive character builder, and postcards and posters included with every book!

Simply do the following to get us closer to unlocking rewards:


Add ons in detail:

After the Kickstarter, I'll send out a survey where you can let me know exactly what addons you want. 

Generation Ship in Softback - £10/$13

Softcover mockup
Softcover mockup

Get Aaron Griffin's sci-fi hack of Legacy in softcover form, printed delivered at the same time as the rest of your pledge.

Dice Set - £11/$14 

These great custom-engraved dice will be manufactured by the awesome people at Q Workshop. They come in a pack of 6 - enough for three players if you're ok with sharing! These will be sent seperately to save on customs duties.

Handout Sheets - £15/$19.5

Printed on card by the good folks at DriveThruCards, this pack contains every playbook (family and character), basic move reference sheets, and quick character cards that make rapidly creating an incidental character a breeze. The card finish lets you use dry-erase markers to fill them in, letting you reuse the cards as many times as you like.



Poster - £10/$13

A large (594 x 841 mm) poster featuring Tithi Luadthong’s amazing cover art. Note that this will be folded down to be shipped with the book. 

Add £6 to your pledge to have this poster (and all other posters unlocked) shipped seperately rolled up in a poster tube.

Extra Book - £25/$33

An additional hard copy of the second edition of Legacy. This is the same hardcover edition as you get when you pledge at the Elder level.


Available Rewards:

£30GBP + Shipping


Approx. $39.
Get the physical book of Legacy 2. You'll also get immediate access to the current draft PDF, a PDF copy when the game's complete, a credit in the book, and all additional PDF content unlocked over the course of this campaign.


  • Legacy 2e PDF
  • Physical Book
  • Stretch Goal PDFs
£8GBP + Shipping


Approx. $10.
Get immediate access to the current draft PDF, a PDF copy when the game's complete, plus a credit in the book.


  • Legacy 2e PDF
£15GBP + Shipping


Approx. $19.
Get immediate access to the current draft PDF, credit in the book, a PDF copy when the game's complete, and all additional PDF content unlocked over the course of this campaign. In addition, you'll get a code you can use once the game's out to get £10 off a physical copy.


  • Legacy 2e PDF
  • Discount code
  • Stretch Goal PDFs

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